Income Maintenance Worker

Income Maintenance Worker

Job Description

The work involves responsibility for determining financial and categorical eligibility for a variety of programs administered by the Onondaga County Department of Social Services. The Income Maintenance Worker may perfonn a variety of assignments, however, which are only indirectly associated with such determinations. Typically the work is accomplished by reviewing departmental records, by interviewing applicant/recipients, and by considering other appropriate data. The work differs from that oflncome Maintenance Specialist in that the Income Maintenance Specialist needs to more thoroughly understand and convey the agency program eligibility criteria, to possess a greater awareness of outside sources of client’s benefits, and to display more highly skilled interview techniques. There is no supervision exercised in this class. Work is reviewed by a higher level employee within the work unit. Incumbents must successfully pass a background check. Does related work as required.


  • Depending upon unit assignment, may perform any or a combination of the following:

  • Reviews application forms to determine that all statements are complete; asks appropriate questions to clarify the statements made on the application forms.

  • Requests additional information or verification of income or resources which may affect eligibility.

  • As necessary makes initial determination of eligibility in conjunction with their existing caseload.

  • Advises client of their duty to notify agency of any change in status which might affect their continuing eligibility. Add new persons to existing cases.

  • Conducts direct interviews on a regularly scheduled basis for redetermination of eligibility and at other times as necessary.

  • Reviews budgets, making changes in program benefits when indicated; recommends emergency grants.

  • Makes determinations of continuing eligibility for Medicaid upon discontinuations of or ineligibility for Public Assistance.

  • Makes referrals for field investigation where possible fraud is indicated.

  • Makes referrals to other sections when service is requested, need for service is evident or referral is mandatory for continuing eligibility.


  • Working knowledge of Federal, State and local Social Services laws and programs as they affect eligibility for the various programs administered by the agency.

  • Familiarity with other programs as they affect eligibility, i.e., Worker’s Compensation, Social Security and Unemployment Insurance.

  • Ability to gather and analyze facts and to make determination as to categorical and financial eligibility.

  • Ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with others.

  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

Minimum Qualifications

Two (2) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in examining, investigation or evaluating claims for assistance, veterans or unemployment benefits, insurance or a similar program operating under an established criteria for eligibility which must have included determining eligibility for such benefits and authorizing such benefits where appropriate.

NOTE: Satisfactory completion of semester credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees may be substituted for work experience as follows: Thirty (30) credit hours is equivalent to one (1) year of experience; sixty (60) credit hours is equivalent to two (2) years of experience.

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