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The support services offered by the DSS-ES team contribute to the success of our community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Social Services-Economic Security is to accurately and efficiently administer economic support and services to county residents in a respectful manner where each person is treated fairly. Our staff is responsible for following state and federal guidelines for delivering appropriate assistance. The delivery of services will be conducted in a safe and supportive environment for members of our staff and the public. Our goal is to help people achieve their highest level of independence by providing quality service in a timely, efficient and dignified manner.  

Our Current Job Openings are...

We look forward to receiving your applications.

*Requires a Civil Service Exam*

In this position, you will be responsible for specialized clerical work, such as keeping various financial records and accounts and/or assisting in performing more difficult phases of the work.

Starting Salary: $38,642

*Requires a Civil Service Exam*

This position involves performing a variety of miscellaneous tasks that relate to determining financial eligibility in various programs.
No qualifications necessary.

Starting Salary: $35,506

In this position, you will be responsible for performing routine clerical duties.
No qualifications necessary.

Starting Salary: $34,176

This position provides intake, assessment, case management, job seach preparation, and/or post-employment follow up services to Temporary Assistance applicants and recipients. You will work with a diverse population individually and in groups to develop employability plans and restoration to self-suffiency plans depending on individual circumstances impacting their employabillity status.

Starting Salary: $55,135

This position is responsible for determining financial and categorical eligibility for a variety of programs administered by the department.

Starting Salary: $46,946

In this position, you will be responsible for entry-level gathering and verifying case-related facts. The work involves telephoning, emailing, checking records, interviewing clients or others, and preparing required forms and records.

Starting Salary: $46,946

This position is responsible for monitoring and enforcing child support payments ordered by Family Supreme Court.

Starting Salary: $50,898

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